Version 2.1.1 – GORDIO – SERVICE PACK 1

Download Ardulink ardulink-V2.1.1-20190517-0752

Version 2.1.0 – GORDIO

Download Ardulink ardulink-V2.1.0-20180113-1035

Version 2.0.1 – PHOENIX – SERVICE PACK 1

Download Ardulink ardulink-v2-0-1-20161105-1901

Version 2.0.0 – PHOENIX

Download Ardulink ardulink-v2-0-0-20161025-0010

Version 0.6.1 – MAGNUM PI

Download Ardulink ardulink-V0.6.1-20151223-2236

Version 0.6.0 – Gutenberg

Download Ardulink ardulink-V0.6.0-20151018-1410

Version 0.5.0 – Life Multiplexer

Download Ardulink ardulink v0.5.0.20150606

Version 0.4.2 – Top Gun

Download Ardulink ardulink v0.4.2.20150312

if you have to use Network Proxy server then download this patch: ardulink v0.4.2.FIX01

Download Ardulink ardulink v0.4.2.20150304

Version 0.4.1 – King Harald

Download Ardulink ardulink v0.4.1.20141208

Version 0.4.0 – Rainbow Dash

Download Ardulink ardulink v0.4.0.20140912

Version 0.3.3

Download Ardulink ardulink v0.3.3.20140610

Version 0.3.2

Download Ardulink ardulink v0.3.2.20140517

Version 0.3.1

Download Ardulink v0.3.1.20140124: ardulink v0.3.1.20140124

Version 0.3.0

Download Ardulink v0.3.0.20140109: ardulink v0.3.0.20140109

Version 0.2.2

Download Ardulink v0.2.2.20131212: ardulink v0.2.2.20131212

Version 0.2.1

Download Ardulink v0.2.1.20131201: ardulink v0.2.1.20131201

Version 0.2.0

Download Ardulink v0.2.0.20131110: ardulink v0.2.0.20131110

Version 0.1.0

Download Arduino PC Link v0.1.0.20131027: arduinopclink_v0.1.0.20131027

Note: this version is named as the old project name.


Source Code

You can download the source code from here



Ardulink was compiled and works with Java 1.6.




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  1. AvatarJames il said:


    Which sketch work with teensy 3.1?
    Teensy 3.1 is compatible with Arduino, but I’m not sure which sketch I should upload.

  2. AvatarOwen il said:

    I’m having a problem reading analog values from a DC analog voltage connected to pin A0 of an Arduino Uno. Digital inputs and outputs via MQTT messages work fine, but analog inputs are only reporting values 0 or 1 both over MQTT and the terminal output of the Raspberry Pi.

    Test setup :
    Arduino Uno connected to Raspberry Pi via USB cable.
    Arduino pin A0 connected through 1k series resistor to center of resistor divider network (2 x 4.7k resistors between GND and +5V).
    Command used to start mqtt on raspberry pi : “java -jar ardulink-mqtt-0.6.0.jar -a 0 -d 8 ”

    Observations :
    Voltage measured at center of divider network when A0 is NOT connected is +2.5V DC.
    Voltage measured directly at pin A0 when divider network is connected is 0V. (as though the pin is acting as an output instead of an input)
    MQTT values of 0 or sometimes 1 are displayed on output of rasp pi terminal and over MQTT. Other values are not displayed.

    For example :
    Dec 10, 2015 6:46:05 AM com.github.pfichtner.ardulink.MqttMain$MqttClient fromArduino
    INFO: Publishing arduino state change home/devices/ardulink/A0/value/get 1

    I suspect that I’ve missed something in the documentation that details the steps necessary to change the analog pins to inputs.

    I’ve written a simple Arduino sketch to read the analog value and report it via serial port (not using Ardulink) and can confirm the Arduino hardware is fully functional and reports a “normal” value (ie : approx 500 instead of 0 or 1).

    Do you have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

  3. AvatarVipin il said:

    ardulink components not detecting arduino uno .am sure that the hardware is good and it is interfacing good with other applications .may be i have done something wrong.but even i tried console not working.please help

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