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Ardulink is a complete, open source, java solution for the control and coordination of Arduino boards. It defines a comunication protocol and a comunication interface allowing several protocol implementations.

It has a ready java SWING components collection able to communicate with Arduino. It has a network client/server technology for remote control purpose.

It has a ready java console, a GUI with many pre-configured components to be connected with your Arduino in few seconds.

So if you is a user, you can just run Ardulink console else if you are a developer you can use Ardulink as a java library in your java project. Take a look in “Learn” section to read more about.


Compatibility list

Ardulink is generic and should work with almost any Arduino boards and Arduino clone boards. However, I have tested Ardulink only with some versions of Arduino or Arduino clones.

Actually I tested, in chronological order, Ardulink with:


I’m waiting hardware for begin testing from:


If you are interested in making me try a specific version of Arduino or a clone, please contact me and send to me your board.



Tests from third parties

Peter Misenko from PicoDuino’s Labs has tested Ardulink. It works very well with PicoDuino.

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