Thank you

Thank you

This page is dedicated to all the people helping me to take this project forward. To all of them my sincere thanks. A special thanks to Tommaso Gatta. Is thanks to him that I started this project. Another special thanks to Massimiliano Parucci. He likes to joke about my bad English. But in this way, sometimes, I can correct some terrible sentences.

Special thanks to Peter Fichtner too for his great work on Ardulink MQTT.


Supporters (in chronological order):

  • Raffaele Donadio – my first supporter (27 nov 2013)
  • Peter Misenko (he’s a VIP) – from PicoDuino (27 apr 2014)
  • Alessio G. – (14 jun 2014)
  • A supporter (that is the Best!) – (22 jun 2014)
  • Old Hacker (he’s a VIP) – (24 sep 2014)
  • Donald D. Parker (that is the Best!) – (3 dec 2014)
  • Claus Lindahl (he’s a VIP) – (10 nov 2015)
  • Strée Eloi (he’s a VIP) – (26 dec 2015)
  • Colleen (he’s a VIP) – (04 may 2016)


Hardware vendors (in chronological order):


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