New Ardulink release v2.0.1 Phoenix – Service Pack 1



We have released Ardulink version 2.0.1 Phoenix Service Pack 1. It can be downloaded from our download page. This version is equal to the previous one but it has mainly some bug fixes and an additional example (we love to say, a little Phoenix’s egg). It shows how to implement a simple game for 4/5 years hold children. Of course it isn’t so funny but is intended to show how send custom messages Ardulink feature can be used to:

  1. send messages and custom configuration to Arduino (switch button configuration);
  2. retrieve information from Arduino with the well known request/response paradigm (get result action).

Here the demo video:

In this video (and in the example code) we have used a ready shield with switch buttons and an OLED display. You could replicate it with custom switch buttons and some LEDs.

You can see/fork our code from Ardulink Github repository.

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