New Ardulink release v0.6.1 Magnum PI

Magnum PI

Merry Christmas!

I’m very happy to public this Christmas gift release. It’s called Magnum PI in honor of that amazing TV serie, but I’ve chosen this name because Ardulink now has another module. Ardulink PI module adds Ardulink support for the well known Raspberry PI. This module has a special Raspberry Connection that wrap the Raspberry GPIO as an Arduino board. Of course you cannot program it with a sketch but you can use its PINs from an Ardulink based software like Arduino’s PINs.

You can download this new release here.

Here a video that shows how you can use the Ardulink Network Server on a Raspberry PI to control remotely Raspberry GPIO.

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7 commenti su “New Ardulink release v0.6.1 Magnum PI

  1. Christian il said:


    Thanks again for your awesome work!. I’m trying to use ardulink with the arduino DUE, is that possible? (it’s a 32bit uC). I have tried, but I’m getting this error…

    jul 01, 2016 5:08:32 PM org.zu.ardulink.ConnectionContactImpl writeLog
    INFO: COM3
    Exception in thread “Thread-4” jul 01, 2016 5:08:33 PM org.zu.ardulink.ConnectionContactImpl writeLog
    INFO: connection on COM3 established
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “4294966726”
    at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
    at openqcm.mainGUI.parseInput(
    at org.zu.ardulink.ConnectionContactImpl.fireDataToRawDataListener(
    at org.zu.ardulink.ConnectionContactImpl.parseInput(
    at org.zu.ardulink.connection.serial.AbstractSerialConnection$

    All the best.

  2. Christian il said:

    Hi Luciano,

    Thanks for your awesome work. Sorry if you received two times this message. Is it posible to use ardulink with the arduino DUE board?. I’m getting an error when try it.


  3. Gijo Augustin il said:

    Thank you very much for your hardwork behind the Ardulink project. I appreciate the contribution to the world.

    I was using the Ardulink on Windows 8 PC. Recently after upgrading to windows 10 , I noticed that when executing “link.disconnect();” the program hangs. It seems the same issue as outlined in the below link,
    I am quite new to Github and bulding jar files. It would be of great help, if you could send me the bug fixed jar file or please update a new version of ardulink so that I can implement the same.

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