Developing NodeMCU support

We are very excited to announce that we have began to develop support for NoceMCU. Of course there are a lot of things to do and we have just began.

Currently we think the support will be implemented in two steps. The first involves implementing a communication protocol over serial links. The protocol will send snippets directly in LUA language. So you will not need to upload scripts on NodeMCU as currently is needed for Arduino.

The second one will use NodeMCU WiFi capabilities to exchange messages with Ardulink. Maybe we will choose an MQTT broker to do it.

In the future maybe we will explore micro python as programming language for these boards.

Here a video of our first result.

With the Ardulink Console we set a serial connection with LUA protocol. When the power pin switch button is pressed for PIN 2 on the switch panel, LUA protocol generates a snippet like this:

gpio.mode(2, gpio.OUTPUT);gpio.write(2, gpio.HIGH);

And the LED lights on.

You can trace our work on this github branch:

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