Ardulink 2.0 announcement



Soon Ardulink 2.0 (or just Ardulink 2) will be available. Ardulink 1.0 (or just Ardulink 1) will be the previous releases identification. Ardulink 2 will not be compatible with Ardulink 1. It is a complete reengineered Ardulink release. Now Ardulink messages between devices are not just streaming messages so interaction is more general. You can use Ardulink 2 to control many device types (not just Arduino based boards).

However, migration path between Ardulink 1 and Ardulink 2 is still possible. Ardulink 2 will provide some classes to help users in this task.

Ardulink 1 tag identifies all the old posts in this site related to the previous Ardulink releases while, of course, Ardulink 2 tag identifies all the future posts related to the new Ardulink major release. Please pay attention about these two tags especially when a post is a technical guide or a code example.

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